This might seem unconventional, and even audacious to some, but you ladies can wear your leather pants to work. Not only (and not anymore) synonymous of seductive, femme fatale, or even a biker “chick”, these pants can also be as chic as any other office appropriate pants.

Going from tight (really tight), almost as leggings, to baggier with a high waist, and available in many colors (even white), your choices for leather pants are higher than one would think. Therefore, making your options for a great office look with an edge plenty. However if there is a guideline to follow here, it would be to stay away from the full on figure hugging look from head to toe, and instead wearing your leather with classy clothing pieces.

Go through the gallery below, to get ideas on how to style your leather pants for beautiful office look.

Featured Image Courtesy of Fashioned Chic

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