New Year’s Eve is finally here, with its usual bitter sweet feeling of ending a year, that hopefully was great. But you have do it looking stylish. So get into your party mode, and put on your party outfit, and start the fun.

Now when I say party outfit, it doesn’t always need to be the clichéd tight mini dress, or a a glittery (disco ball) attire. There are so many other options, that are as appropriate, and even simpler to put together, especially if you didn’t get to shop for a new outfit, or if you are a more discrete type of a person.

From a pair of leather pants with a t-shirt, to a lace skirt, your choices for a last minute New Year’s Eve outfit are right in your closet. And you might even end up looking better than with a simple dress you just shopped for.

To help you get more inspired (and stand for a shorter period of time in front of your closet, looking for an outfit), check out the gallery below.

Featured Imaged Courtesy of iStock

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