The obsession is real!

Fashion bloggers from around the world have been popping into Morocco for years now. Every couple of months, a blog post would be published by an influential trendsetter, who payed a stylish visit to the North African country.

With the vast majority (about 99.99%, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating) choosing the visually attractive city of Marrakech as their premiere destination, you would think that all of those bloggers’ posts would be similar to one another, but no. This is the magic of personal style, and the beauty of Morocco’s Red City. Somehow you can make its scenery work for your advantage. Either in a kaftan, jeans, or even a bathing suit, the Moroccan backdrop only enhances and inspires your style in the best way possible. Just ask the numerous artists, especially fashion designers who drew inspiration from Morocco, at least once in their career.

Going back to today’s main blogger; Larisa from the Mysterious Girl is a rather fashion blogging power house, and an admirer of everything Moroccan. Just check out one of our previous posts on her Morocco inspired interior and you would get the extent of her admiration.

So when she visited Marrakech a couple of months ago, Larisa went all out; fashion, shopping, and photography wise. And to our great pleasure, she made the effort of putting together a video of this beautiful, and mostly bohemian trip. Check it out!

Photos: The Mysterious Girl

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