Around and seen everywhere since the beginning of the cold season, it seems that grey and camel (or any shade of brown for that matter) are this year’s preferred fall and winter colour combo. With a warm and cozy feel, it seems that no one in street style; including celebrities as Kendall Jenner was able to resist this killer look.

As much as each one of these two colours; camel and grey was a popular trend on its own during this Fall/Winter season, the combination of the two was as an equal success.

Other than trendsetter and queen of street style Kendall Jenner, so many others have rocked this winter colour combo more than once. Check them out in the photos below, worn in different ways.

winter colourTrendy Taste

winter colourHello Fashion

winter colourDonkey Cool

winter colourThe Mysterious Girl

winter colourTrendy In The Moon

Featured Image Courtesy of Blonde-Mery


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