Published on in 2015

We have all been lately introduced to fashion designer Karim Adduchi through his unique Amazigh inspired fashion collection, which has made worldwide media headlines. Thus, we wanted to pick this creative genius’s mind, and talk some more about his “proud Moroccan self”.

Let’s find out about what drives and inspires young Moroccan fashion designer Karim Adduchi, through this candid interview.

You are clearly a proud Amazigh. So, how much does that play in your fashion aesthetic and your work in general?

My childhood and experiences are what built the foundation of my aesthetics. It is obvious that where I grew up influenced almost everything that I did, especially after I kind of grew up. Somehow the feeling of nostalgia from one’s childhood, and the respect for your roots instinctively pushes you to show whom you really are and where you come from. And in my case, of course that I’m proud for being Amazigh, and have been glad to have had a chance to share my story with audiences from around the world.

At what stage of your life did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I don’t really remember a specific stage of my life when I made a “conscientious” decision to become an artist. However, I know that all my “random” acts and decisions have led me to become something I have never planned, which at the end made a lot of sense. Because you realize that you didn’t push destiny to any other path than the one you are meant to have.

Who would be the person who inspires you the most in life?

Amazigh women…

What is the reason behind you choosing the Amazigh carpets to dominate in your latest collection?

I wanted to make a statement, by showing a side from Morocco that nobody knows, and to also pay a tribute to my heritage. A tribute and respect that I plan on always keep on paying, and that on a universal level.

What made you name that collection « She Knows Why The Caged Bird Sings »?

The title is inspired from a Novel by (author, poet, and civil rights activist) “Maya Angelou”, and my intention was to show the universality of my subject relating to that novel, and that through my own heritage And I also wanted to express that all human beings have the same intuitive way in educating their children, and in seeing the positive side of life.

Can you talk to us a bit about your upcoming projects?

I’m working on promoting the collection through events, exhibitions, lectures, art exhibitions, and of course creating more fashion collections…

You have already achieved so much in your young career, but what would you say is your ultimate goal in life?

I want to believe that there is much more to come.

We have described (on Moroccan Ladies) your work as « Avant-Garde ». What do you think about that

I agree, because without knowing it, what I made became a statement of beauty.

Finally, who is the Amazigh woman for you?

My Mother.

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