After GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week, and Glitz Africa Fashion Week in Ghana, it was Uganda’s turn to join the list of countries organizing their own fashion week, and broadening the reach of African fashion as a whole through Kampala Fashion Week.

Kampala Fashion Week was a success, and Ugandan fashion designers were very excited and proud to showcase their talent to the world. Designers as Juliana Nasasira, Martha Jabo, Sylvia Owori, José Hendo, and many more. The list of models was interesting as well, and included Africa’s Next Top Model winner, Aamito Stacie Lagum.

Creative director and event organizer Gloria Wavamunno believes that Kampala Fashion Week is a first step towards a better future for Ugandan fashion, and said “I hope it makes the designers starting out feel a bit of positive competition. Like, step up your creativity. Step up your clothes. Embrace your flow”.


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