It is almost the end of the year, in other words, and not to sound too cliché; time to party. As much as going out with friends to dance, eat, and drink is fun, the planning part is always a hustle. Where to go, with whom, what to do, and the big one; WHAT TO WEAR?

Granted that the little mini dress is always a safe option (that generally the majority of the ladies opt for), it’s not really a head scratcher, and everyone looks good in one. Nevertheless, in case you need to mix it up a bit and try something else, a great alternative would be the jumpsuit. Equally simple, and even more comfortable than a dress, you can still look very feminine in it, and the choices are endless.

To help you decide on your attire, here are a few suggestions and where to buy them from.

Feature Image Courtesy of Anouska

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