Not to ruin your working week, but I truly believe that we need to do this. We need to talk about my weekend at the beach (spot the sarcasm)! If not for the fashion, these coming photos might (literally) brighten your day!

You might have seen these “beachy” snaps on Instagram in case you were following me ( @kaftanmag ). However, this time I’m explaining each photo and look, and the overall style I went for during this little getaway.

I hereby declare that my personal style is minimalist! You might take this as a disclaimer in case you are not interested in reading about such fashion, or just as an observation that I have gotten from anyone who has ever had anything to say about my style. And I conquer! Be it on a beach trip, at the office, or just while running errands I tend to go for comfortable, minimal, and casual. A style that has many perks, including packing light. Thus, what you would find on my beach luggage, would generally be one or two pairs of denim shorts, a couple of t-shirts, a light coverup; mostly an open one as an oversized shirt or a robe/kimono, and a couple of swimsuits that you can mix and match.


I need to add that I unintentionally packed almost exclusively bright coloured pieces, and I’m not complaining about it. I have to say that shades as pink, red, blue, and orange work extremely well on a shiny sunny day.

A little tip from me to you though, if you were a minimalist style enthusiast like myself, packing little accessories as colourful bracelets, anklets, hats, and sunglasses will help lighten up any look you go for.

In case you were curious about where I have acquired each piece from the photos above, here’s a little run through. You might be surprised!

Blue shirt: Vintage Men’s
Pink top: Marjane Men’s
White scarf: KSA
Denim shorts: Stradivarius
Blue robe: Vintage
Orange t-shirt: Marjane Men’s
Sunglasses: Ray Ban



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