Made of classics, as the pencil skirt, and a few basic pieces as the white tank top and the black jacket, today’s outfit is pretty simple and straight forward. No wait!! There’s one special thing; the shoes.

Even though I generally believe that all shoes are special (I have the Carrie Bradshaw syndrome, obviously) and can make or break a look, the ones I’m wearing today I have to say are extra special.

A staple of the South of Morocco, which happens to be where I am from, we call these slippers “Idoukane”, and they’re pretty comfortable and practical. Mostly worn by villagers who live in the country-side (by the mountains), these shoes can go from slippers to sneakers thanks to a sort of a strip in the back, in other words from house shoes, to ones that can take a long a strenuous hike.

Not that I’m about to climb a mountain, but these still look good and special enough to light up any simple outfit.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Skirt: H&M – Top: Zara – Jacket: H&M – Shoes: Agadir Souk – Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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