It is pretty hard to brighten up a winter day, however not such a difficult thing to do with a winter outfit.

I am one of those people who unconsciously goes for massively dressing up in grey during the winter, and even if I try to fight it (which I actually succeeded in doing this year because of my blog) I tend to instinctively go back to such colour schemes.

In that sense, and in the spirit of the saying “if you can’t beat them, join them” I am trying to embrace the grey more, but still come up with a few tricks to not look so boring or “bla” this winter, here is one of my favourite easy fixes; adding a fun and often colourful piece of clothing to brighten up my outfit. And today, I opted for an extra fun one, which kind of happened to be relevant to a couple trends of the moment; the fringed accessory, an Amazigh (Berber) scarf to be more specific.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Top: Zara – Jeans: Zara – Coat: Zara – Sneakers: Bershka – Scarf: Souk – Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Ban

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