When I was younger, my parents told me that the first time they took me to this beach I only was 2 months old, wild, right?

I am lucky enough to have sort of grown up in such a beautiful place; a sunny beach heaven during summer, and a surfers’ heaven during winter, you can never get bored here, plus it is a photography dream; in case you couldn’t tell?

Since I am not crazy, or an adrenaline junky I’d rather sit (or stand) and watch the huge beautiful waves wash off the perfectly structured rocks; as you might notice in the photos below.

Once a Portuguese port, during the colonisation period, this little piece of heaven (Madraba) has become an attractive destination, especially for surfers from around the world. As I said, for my part, I kind of grew up in this place, since my father has fallen for its charm and acquired a little piece of land in it in 1881.

Thanks Daddy for this “beach heaven”…

Swimsuit: H&M , Pants: From a little shop in Mumbai


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