Probably the most feminine piece of clothing a woman could wear, Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress is more than a classic, it is a piece of fashion history. The obsession started in the seventies, when this princess (yes, you read right) first designed the iconic dress, which had instant success, and sold in millions. With an unlimited number of prints , for forty years now DVF has always found a way to reinvent this classic, that has become a favorite of celebrities and royalty, as much as it is for the average woman.

Seldom compared to Coco Chanel for being able to make such a mark on fashion, and how women dress up. With her opinion highly regarded in the fashion industry, this Belgian-born trendsetter was able to build one of the biggest fashion empires out there. And it all started with one little dress (what a strike of genius).

More than her undeniable talent, Diane Von Furstenberg is believed to be an incredible human being. Wise (which I found out watching a few reality TV shows where she appeared) and always working towards empowering women, the 67 year old fashion designer is the true definition of a role model (she is mine, at least).

That’s a wrap. And check out a little glimpse of the always trendy wrap dress, below.


Featured Image Courtesy of Viva Luxury

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