Dressed in a beautiful white kaftan, with a matching veil, and a subtle diamond and emerald tiara, the bride Lalla Oum Keltoum looked stunning and happy at the second day of the celebration of her wedding to HRH Prince Moulay Rachid.


I believe that what Princess Lalla Salma wore (above) for this occasion was one of her best looks. The marriage of the golden kaftan, and the diamond jewelry, especially the light tiara, and the hint of emerald in her belt is exquisite.

The groom’s sisters; Lalla Meryem, Lalla Hasna, and Lalla Asma (below, right to left) were extremely elegant as usual, in their kaftans, but my favorite was Lalla Meryem’s. I just loved the lightness of that sky blue kaftan with the purple details.


This second day of festivities is called “L’berza”, which in every traditional Moroccan wedding when the bride and groom meet their guests, and sort of parade in front of them, especially for the bride who changes her outfit a few times during the evening (YAY…), and people take pictures with the couple, and everyone ends up dancing and having fun.

Images courtesy of Morocco World News

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