Time to bring some OCD up in here!

I know this might sound strange, but half of the pleasure of buying makeup for me, is the prospect of storing it in an attractive way. The other half is obviously wearing it, but I do confess that I put a lot of thought into how I organize my makeup. I actually do the same for pretty much everything I own. Told you, OCD!

organize my makeup

I know that the most popular makeup organizing techniques out there include mainly those acrylic organizers. There is probably no beauty guru out there who doesn’t use or own them! Believe me, I have seen all the makeup room tour videos out there.

As much as those “makeup obsessed” must-haves are practical, I personally don’t find theme very esthetic. So, for my makeup collection I wanted to store it in a more appealing way. And what’s more appealing  than Moroccan dishes! The only trick here, or extra effort if you want is to categorize your beauty products and tools, for extra OCD behavior clearly! It’s more practical, and prettier!

There, you have it! In addition to giving you new ideas on how to organize makeup, I practically just showed you my complete makeup collection! Almost, complete!

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