Sometimes retro, others geeky, but mainly flattering to all body types, the high waisted bottom is a wardrobe must have. As they made a come back with the wave of retro trends last year, I firmly believe that these pants should never be out of style. Accentuating and highlighting a woman’s curves (in a positive way), especially for the pear shaped body; and we have Kim Kardashian to reference here, in addition to elongating a slimmer figure, you can never go wrong with anything high waisted.

I actually cannot understand neither remember why we traded off these pants, skirts, and shorts for anything low rise, and I think that we can live now in a world where both shapes and trends can coexist. Better shown off with a cropped top, or with a tucked-in piece, the high raised come in many forms and shapes, including swim suit bottoms. Just like belting an outfit to accentuate your waist, and make your clothes fit in a more sophisticated way, these bottoms achieve the same goal.

Rather than putting them on like any other trousers or skirt, flaunt your body by wearing your high waisted pieces the right way with the help of the street style looks below.

Featured Image Courtesy of Fashion is My Cure

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