The right combination of; sophistication of a high heel, and comfort of a pair of flats, the kitten heel is the perfect shoe for a woman on the go. Usually avoided by the younger demographic, for a couple of years now fashionistas and street style stars have found a way to style this shoe and make it girly.

Let’s be honest, most of us wish they were a “Carrie Bradshaw” and could wear high heels all day and every day, but our feet have a mind of their own. Aside from the fact that every doctor out there advises that a 10 or 12cm heel is bad for one’s health, the pain of wearing those shoes can be excruciating at times (a lot of times), but we still love them. And, since when fashion is about comfort?

Apparently since sneakers have been made an urban shoe, and the kitten heel has become “In” again. With major fashion brands (Valentino, Saint Laurent, and others) and trendsetters (as Emanuelle Alt; Vogue Paris’ editor-in-chief) bringing back this “oldy” in such a modern way, no one can resist the kitten heel shoe, and no one should.

Check out the gallery bellow, and find out how the kitten heel can be perfect for an office day, or even an evening out.

Featured Image Courtesy of Fashion Hippie Loves

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