Common sense dictates that when traveling, especially when flying, the best beauty tip is, not to put any makeup on. Otherwise, it gets all smushed up, and by the end of the flight (especially a long one) you come out not looking as you did when you went in. But the no makeup option, might not be something all the ladies could agree on. I mean, we don’t all look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, even if she and most the celebrities usually have their sunglasses on while snapped in airports. I wonder why?

Anyways, the best alternative here would be; “the no-makeup” makeup. Confusing right?

I am actually talking about nude makeup. That way you could look natural and fresh, but still hide the little imperfections here and there. The first tip for a successful natural makeup look, is a good night sleep (Who am I kidding? who still gets the time to have a good night sleep?).

Seriously speaking, the base to achieving looking like a star when getting out of an eight hour flight (give and take), would be putting a BB cream on, and you can always go for a tinted one. Adding to that, would be a mandatory concealer, blush, mascara, and an optional eye pencil or eyeliner in case you wanted to add definition to your eyes. Adding a light eyeshadow that is almost the same color as your skin, wouldn’t be completely out of question. Finally, you can always add color with the lipstick of your choice, in case you wanted to go the extra mile.

Check out the photos of the celebrities’ no-makeup airport looks.

Jessica Alba.
Miranda Kerr.
Eva Mendes.
 Kareena Kapoor.


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