It is true that unlike skinny jeans or straight cut trousers, the flared ones happen to be a bit harder for the ladies to include in their “go to” selection of pants. Even if trend setters as Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe swear by them. And even if when you wear them, they make you look as if you had Adriana Karembeu’s legs.

The main reason for this discrimination against the flared pants must be the length of the leg. A couple of inches too short or too long make all the difference. The bottom of the pants should be caressing the floor, for it to be perfect. And since it is almost impossible to buy a pair of flared pants that have that right length, I advise you to get a really good tailor to hem it. And when paired with the right pair of shoes; preferably heels, and the right top, you would have mastered the look.

Featured Image Courtesy of The Golden Diamonds

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