Whenever there is a new fashion trend that we all get excited to follow, one should think where it is coming from. Well, the ladies below, also known as fashion trendsetters are partly responsible for them, in addition to the actual fashion designers that make the clothes (Da…). Generally bold with their fashion choices, they always surprise and impress us.

That boldness, and those choices (that are not always understood by most at the beginning) are what end up being what we wear, in other words trends. From celebrities as Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna, to fashion industry professionals as Jenna Lyons and Victoria Beckham, it is thanks to these ladies’ fine taste and styling sense that we get to look our best.

Check out some of these fashion trendsetters’ bold moves, you might get inspired.

Victoria Beckham.


Kim Kardashian West.

Jenna Lyons.

Miroslava Duma.

Olivia Palermo.

Sarah Jessica Parker.

Alexa Chung.

Featured Image Courtesy of EventPhotosNYC Flickr


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