As we have said many time; fashion and styling boundaries have been pushed so much back, that they almost don’t exist anymore. So many of the styling choices that used to be considered tacky, are now seen to be quirky and interesting. Being out of the box, and daring, has never been so “In” as it is at the present time. Therefore, many of the things that were considered as fashion faux pas, are no more as such.

Here are a few examples, that might inspire to push the envelope.

  • Sandals with socks.

fashion faux pas

  • Wearing all-white outfits all year long.

all white

  • Wearing a dress over pants.

fashion faux pas

  • Pairing a suit with sneakers.

fashion faux pas

  • Combining a formal outfit with Birkenstocks.

fashion faux pas

  • Wearing a top and bottom, all in denim.

fashion faux pas

  • Mixing prints.

mixed prints

  • Mix silver with gold.

fashion faux pas

Images Courtesy of Sea of Shoes, Fashionvibe, Girls Don’t Dress For Boys, The Fashioneaters, Camille Over The Rainbow, Frederica, Brunette Braid, Wendy’s Lookbook



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