A rich carpet, henna, mint tea, and a bohemian style dress; all the right ingredients were tastefully put together by fashion blogger Larisa Costea of The Mysterious Girl in creating the perfect Moroccan atmosphere, in her own home.

Titled “Morocco in my home”, the stylish blogger Larisa published recently a post devoted to a Moroccan inspired decor that she has made part of her interior. Not at all an out of character blog post for The Mysterious Girl , seeing that she has been enamoured by the North African country’s traditions and culture for some time now.

By writing things as; “As I have told you before in this post and probably noticed from my videos and other pictures from Morocco, I fell in love with their traditions and designs. This is why I had to bring some traditional Moroccan items into my home”, and “With such a great deco and the sweet mint tea that reminds me so well of my trip to Marrakech and the Sahara desert I was wearing a bohemian orange dress from Shein and my hand and foot were painted beautifully by Laura from Henna Journey”, Costea accompanied her post with some photos which; we have to say married to perfection her personal bohemian style to the Moroccan aesthetic.

Photos Courtesy of The Mysterious Girl


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