Indeed a fashion hub. This leading Abu Dhabi based fashion blog (also covers Dubai) is a gift to the fashion forward world.

They say, “All good things come in pairs”. Well, that’s what Persian/British sisters Lydia and Parisa; founders of this cool blog have proven. Their unconventional approach to fashion and style is unique to the Middle-East. And such edginess is definitely needed in the region.

Sharing their looks with the world, and promoting brands they believe in, has been their objective since The Fashion Hub started in 2012. Which was then rewarded at many occasions, and landed them exposure in major fashion magazines, and deservingly so.

With style icons as Leandra Medine and Christine Cenetra, no wonder the two sisters are such bad a**es when in comes to their own style. Check out this amazing fashion blog, below.

Images Courtesy of The Fashion Hub

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