Only two years old, the fashion Blog Bisous Natasha has become a popular go to website, not only for its founder’s striking beauty and impeccable outfits, but also for this blogger’s talent in photography. Successful both behind and in front of the camera, Natasha Ndlovu is a London based model who has translated her traveling experience and taste for fashion into an inspirational blog. One can’t help but go through it.

When asked about her personal style in an interview with This Is Collective, the Zimbabwe born model’s response was: “Very simple, I love clean lines. I really like anything that can show off a bit of my shape and I love denim. In the warmer months I’m really into the 90′s, simple, Calvin Klein silhouettes. I wear a lot of monochrome and jeans with a simple blouse or simple tees”. That is what I believe makes Bisous Natasha such an inspiration for its reader, and a frequent go to fashion blog.

Check the gallery below, and you will see the model in action, with outfits woth recreating.

Images Courtesy of Bisous Natasha

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