More and more ladies of African heritage are challenging the stigmas about the afro hairstyle, and embracing their natural hair. Solange Knowles is one of those ladies, and she looked beautiful in her wedding day, sporting her stylish afro that we grew accustomed to, and are fond of.

Like any other hairstyle, achieving the perfect afro is work, and there is a technique to follow. So in case you need some help, here it is:

  • First of all, it’s preferable to have your hair wet, as it makes it easier to manipulate. In case you did not just shower, you can always spray water as you go.
  • Apply a moisturizing product, preferably hair oil to avoid a dry looking afro.
  • Then, with a comb (a wide tooth one preferably), brush your hair inside out, in order to give it puffiness, and structure.

You can always customize you afro as you feel like; in a ponytail, or wrapping it with a scarf. All you would need to do in this case is comb the front of your hair to the back a bit. And there you go.

Featured Image Courtesy of iStock


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