This trend that has taken over street style for more than a year now, has been confusing to me personally. Hard to tell if it is stylish or childish at times, the embellished jeans used to remind me of my primary school days, when most of my denim pants had something patched, glued, or sewn to them (often made by yours truly). However when you see someone like Leandra Medine, or Chiara Ferragni wearing them with so much style, you start questioning it.

Patched, embroidered, and bejewelled, the embellished jeans take so many forms. By studying them closer, and researching them, I found that when worn with simple pieces as mainly plain shirts and t-shirts, these pants actually add a bit of whimsy to an outfit, making it stand out more. Obviously not for everyone, especially for the patched denim with cartoon characters or such, there are more tame and classier versions. The lightly embroidered and bejewelled jeans actually happen to look feminine, and are at least more sophisticated than the distressed ones.

With designers as Dolce & Gabbana still presenting it for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, this embellished denim trend is getting classier though, through making it more sophisticated by focusing on the jewelled version and embroidery.

Dolce & Gabbana SS 2015.

In case you are still not sure if this edgy trend is made for you, check out the gallery below for the different styles it comes in.

Featured Image Courtesy of Carly Tati

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