One of the best remedies to a cold weather would definitely be layered outfits. Practical, creative, and trendy, layering always adds a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to a look. Thanks to this trend, dressing for winter has never been more fun, mainly by making so many outfit combinations achievable; where you can rotate one clothing piece in different outfits. For example your denim jacket, sometimes it could be at the top of the look, others you can wear it underneath a coat, or even wrap it around your waist while wearing another jacket. As I said, so many possibilities.

Thus, other than the usual sweater over shirt, or coat over cardigan basics, layered outfits can be more edgy than that. To be more specific, what I am talking about here today, is the less conventional technique of layering a shorter piece over a longer one. What we see mostly is a bunch of sweaters, and over them would be a coat, or a maxi cardigan, in other words anything long. However, it can also be fun to reverse it, by wearing a blazer or leather jacket over a long cardigan, or by putting a sweater on top of a dress. The layering of the look is more apparent here, and happens to have more personality.

So, if you feel you can pull off an edgy layered outfit, check out the gallery below with 10 great options.

Featured Image Courtesy of Ohh Couture

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