This outfit is my literal interpretation of the saying ” Dress to impress “.

It might be the attention seeking Leo in me, or my devotion to thinking and doing things out of the box, but when I dress up, I go all out. So out that I often come up with unique outfits. Not that it is a bad thing, but sometimes I wish I could go more “regular” or “standard”, just not to always be singled out, fashion wise. But as was previously stated, my nature is of an attention seeker. An unintentional one, I promise.

I had this dress I’m wearing set aside for a long time now, to be worn for a special occasion. While I would normally pair it with a pair of heeled sandals, today I wanted to stay true to my dominant casual style thus went for flats. But not any flats, these golden slippers were a delightful surprised find at my last Zara trip.

When I saw them, I thought they would go perfectly with my special ” dress to impress ” dress. A dress more special than you would imagine. This little number is vintage (of course) and it used to belong to my late grandmother. Preserved in mint condition, it actually is the traditional wear of the Moroccan city of Oujda, and other North African cities.

Light, despite the heavy floral work on it, this is one piece that would go from day to night with just a couple of moves.

So, are you impressed?

Dress: Vintage
Slippers: Zara (Similar here)
Glasses: Ray Ban
Belt: Vintage


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