They say that one should look the part (or dress the part, in this situation). But dressing up as a power woman, especially to work is more than just to look powerful, it’s to feel beautiful as well. Whether in a high position, or on your way to it, the power woman style commands respect, as it reflects one’s professionalism. You want it to be comfortable, but also feminine.

Nevertheless, the boring black pant suit with the pumps of the same color, and a white shirt is not what I’m talking about here. With the evolution of fashion trends and street style, the options for an appropriate office attire for a woman are greater, and can also be fun. One doesn’t need to dress and look uptight to look professional, just take it from the movers and shakers of the fashion industry (Anna Wintour, Emmanuelle Alt, Jenna Lyons, and many more). The modern power woman should be fashionable.

Just take some inspiration from the gallery below, and look like the power woman that you are, all week long.

Featured Image Courtesy of Guiadeestillo

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