“I saw active/leisure wear being incorporated into women’s daily attire and wardrobe. My goal was to create a sporty, comfortable collection with cool urban basics” is what Elie Tahari said about his upcoming activewear collection. This New York based designer is the latest to join the group of designers who have essayed themselves to this trend. The Alexander Wang, H&M collaboration must be the one that most people know about.

Either designing for their own labels, or collaborating with established sports brands, or even collaborating with celebrities (Rita Ora, Farrell Williams…) it is obvious that there is statement being made here; chic activewear is here to stay. Not to forget accessories as well; I mean backpacks has become an acceptable metropolitan bag, and sneakers are worn with everything now (even suits).

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 11.38.27 PM

Clearly the activewear trend is defying styling boundaries that used to exist. Is it due to people’s obsession with working out (I mean some people), or the quest for comfort? I couldn’t tell. Whatever the reason is, I’m not complaining. There are so many outfit options now, and so much more space for creativity, that picking what to wear is getting more and more fun.

Images courtesy of Fashiontoast and I’m Next Victoria Törnegren


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