I have never been more excited about writing a post on a collection or a designer, than I am today!

Sometimes you come across some talented people with whom you feel an instant connection, even though you have never met them. A true testimony to the impact of his incredible talent, Karim Adduchi is one of those people for me.

A year ago I had the pleasure to write an article about Karim’s hit debut collection “She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings”, and then honored to interview him, as well. Greatly influenced by his Moroccan, and especially Amazigh heritage, the designer is all about empowering the Berber woman; something that I am personally grateful for. Barely a year later, entrusted to open for the Amsterdam Fashion Week, Adduchi is back with yet another stunning collection titled “She lives behind the courtyard door”.

When I asked him for a quote on his recent collection, Karim said; “The unknown, the past, a secret. The beings that inhabit his world are strong but vulnerable, flexible but formal, mysterious and extravagant. They’re hybrid warriors”. As much as this quote might seem confusing at first, all it takes is a look at the young designer’s creations, for it to take a clear meaning.

By mixing and matching completely different materials, playing with the traditional and the modern, this new sensation of the Netherlands’ fashion scene wanted to share with the world his vision of the complex being that is the Amazigh woman, and that through what we could call; his signature storytelling-like fashion show.

With his incredible talent that one can’t help but be attracted to, the designer of Moroccan descent caught the eye of editorial fashion’s holy grail; Vogue Italia. And when questioned on the detailed story behind, not only his collection but his show, Karim Adduchi said; “It is a translation from a vision and memories of a child from the past to the present. The act of transforming the catwalk into a storytelling platform, where a child opens a door to start the show, is a metaphore for bringing freedom to the berber Women who have been historically closed up in the courtyards. But still a courtyard full of beauty, sounds, layers, colors and empathy. I used my childhood as a creative engine that generates beauty. The look that stands on the catwalk during the whole show represents the respect I wish to pay to heritage and history… I wanted to show the audience the duality and complexity of human beings, focusing on motherhood and berber women. The women I design for are both fragile and strong – and aware of it. That is why I handle every look as a painting, balancing colors, shapes, and textures. My intention is always to combine tradition and history with modern times. By deconstructing traditional materials and using modern ones to construct them again, bringing an edge to the collection. My strong belief is that if you want to find an answer for your present and your future, you have to look into your past”. Rather a poetic mouthful from such a young artist.

I realize that this whole article is about praising Karim Adduchi, but I have to admit that I feel such pride in our “star” designer and his attachment to his roots, and his ability to transform traditional fabrics and pieces into such works of art (not that they weren’t already). I sincerely cannot wait for his next collection!

But first, check out all the looks from “She lives behind the courtyard door”.

Photos By Christiaan van Doesburg


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