Talk about an overdue blog post! And I have to say that I did put so much pressure on myself regarding this specific article, since it is about an artist that is very dear to me. And whose work has a sentimental place in my heart. Thus, I decided that the best thing to do is to speak from the heart, and share my truly honest review on Karim Adduchi’s latest collection.

I find myself today in quite a difficult situation, in a pickle if you like!  And Karim Adduchi is to blame! Probably for the first time, I am so excited to write about a collection, that I literally find no words to do so. And it took me weeks to find them, and I’m still struggling.

You know that feeling when you stumble upon a piece of clothing (or more specifically here; a piece of art) that you have imagined for so long in your head. And hoped it already existed for you to get your hands on. Well, this freeing feeling was achieved, and that thanks to the artistry of Karim Adduchi.

I might go on and on on the poetic process of him imagining, then creating this collection. Or talk about the name he gave it; “She Has 99 Names”, and all that entitles. But I’m sure there are platforms that would do it way better than me. So, I choose to talk as a Moroccan/Berber woman about a collection inspired by THE Moroccan/Berber woman.

The carpets and blankets turned dresses, the intricate embroideries on modern silhouettes, the feminine and sexy cuts on traditional and noble materials, all represent to me what the Moroccan/Berber woman of today is. Or maybe, that’s just me! The holding on to traditions and an important part of our culture, whilst adapting it to the modern times is a subtle move that I believe Karim Adduchi has mastered. And that in addition, to understanding the strong, free, and “only answering to her own mind” that this woman is all about. Or once again, maybe that’s just me.

In hindsight, maybe this is why I was so overwhelmed by this specific collection, and why it hit so close to home to me. It felt like Karim was talking to me, was empowering me! Not that I need anymore empowerment, but you know what I mean. All the way from Amsterdam, Karim Adduchi’s Spring Summer 18 collection succeeded in touching me, here in Morocco!

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