If you happen to look up the meaning of “style” in a dictionary, the first definition you will find is; “a manner of doing something”. Which makes complete sense to me, especially in fashion, where I believe that the “something” referred to in the definition is “trend”.

A trend is hardly a constant or frigid concept, every person should be free to mold it and make it fit their own style and personality. Take the latest hot mode of the moment; the exposed bra. Be it a sports-bra, or one worn underneath a sheer top, or even a little sexy number showing under a jacket, it seems that this lingerie piece is everywhere; from red carpets to street style.

However, it turned out that one way to adopt this daring bra trend, and that for a more shy yet creative style is by “proudly” wearing it in over a nice top. Which once more brings us back to a 90’s trend, where we used to wear tank tops on top of longer sleeved pieces, do you remember that? You slightly older reader?

And before seeing it on supermodel Kendall Jenner (photos below), the first time I personally saw someone proudly showing their bra off, over a top, was in the French movie; “Jeux d’enfants” (Love Me if you dare). It was actually on a dare that the film’s main lead; Oscar winner Marion Cotillard showed up at her school, sporting a cute white bra over a black tshirt (again photo below), and it made quite an impact on me, hence me still remembering it.


Maybe considered as a comedic move at the time and especially in the context of the movie, I now find this trend rather fun and quite interesting. Worth a try, at least!

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