Let me start by saying that today’s look and post is bit special for me.

Aside from the outfit that I’m sharing with you, and its usual Moroccan touch (this is kind of my signature), it is actually that particular touch that I would describe as special today, since it is my own design.

As you should have understood by now, the touch that I’m referring to is the golden waistcoat. First of all let me say that it has nothing to do with anything disco (even if it may look that way to a few). It is actually inspired by the Moroccan belt that is usually worn with traditional kaftans (I wore a similar one in this previous post).

The story behind this statement waistcoat is pretty simple; I actually had a kaftan made for my cousin’s wedding a couple of years back, and wanting to make its design seem more “me”, I thought that instead of going with the traditional Moroccan belt, I would design an alternative; in other words a tight and cropped waistcoat that would act as a belt once buttoned.

Once done, the design turned out pretty good (not that I’ biased or anything). So good, that I found it to look versatile enough to be paired with a casual outfit, just like today’s.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Pants: Zara – Shirt: Zara – Loafers: Zara – Waistcoat: Custom made – Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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