A crop top can be intimidating to most. Because of it skin showing nature, this trend is generally believed to be for only one body type; really thin. Nevertheless, this assumption is somewhat misguided. A crop top is not automatically synonymous with a bare tummy. To the contrary, the comeback of this nineties trend has been relatively conservative.

In the form of a shirt, sweater, t-shirt, or even a jacket this popular trend can be worn tastefully and look sophisticated, as long as it is styled right. Not that there is anything wrong with showing off your tummy with the belly button, but for a more classy look that will suit the majority, it is better to show little skin (some mystery is always good).

The most effective and popular trick for a tasteful crop top look (that you can wear wherever and whenever), is to pair it with a high waisted bottom, you cannot go wrong here. Another styling technique, especially if you like layering, would be to wear it over a shirt, or even a dress. Finally, the most obvious option for a conservative style is to cover up with a jacket or cardigan (though, it would be a shame to hide your top).

You can see these crop top styling options in the gallery below.

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