Merhaba! is probably the most uttered word in the “complexe artisanal” Kasbat Souss. The second you set foot in this shopping heaven, you can feel the eagerness of every artisan, and shop keeper to welcome you. Wether you intend to buy something or not, the experience is the same; Delightful.

Now, let me assure you that I’m not paid to say anything of this. And in my quest to research and blog about spots that would interest travelers visiting Agadir, I was just so enchanted by the human experience at Kasbat Souss. But mostly amazed at the fact that for once I wasn’t completely engulfed in the shopping part of it, and my head wasn’t mathematically busy trying to figure out how much damage I have done after exiting every shop. And believe me, there are a lot of things to purchase. And if any of its visitors comes out of it without buying anything, I applaud their willpower.

kasbat souss

Living in Agadir, surprise, surprise, this actually wasn’t the first time I have ever been to Kasbat Souss, after all it’s a shopping complexe! However it did improve since my last visit a couple of years ago. And the new added restaurant is proof of that. But more importantly, what I have noticed is the multitude of shops selling sustainable items. Be it the up-cycled tires turned into decor and fashion accessories at @upcycleMo, to the recycled glassware at @chicberbere , my “woke” conscious was guilt-free. Ans as I said earlier, the human factor was enriching.

kasbat souss

There was the chatty art collector at “Le petit musée”, sharing with us his unique pieces of art while catering to his other customers, mostly interested in the popular colorful knick-knacks, future proof of their visit to Morocco. Then it was the very patient straw accessories’ lady, who in spite of her digging efforts couldn’t find a hat that would fit my “adorably” big head. The rafia shoes saleswoman was equally patient, showing me the new models, since I already had the older ones… Dah! And what a find, at the quaint jeweler Said’s shop, when he showed us his own creation of pieces made of silver and wood. Yes, that is actual wood.

Wooden silver jewelry

Then there were the craftsmen and woman behind some of the pottery sold in the complexe, who so generously invited us to witness the process of making the beautiful decor items. They were so eager to share with us their artistry that I couldn’t help but feel so emotional about it. They didn’t care about selling, they just wanted to make us feel welcome. And we did!

kasbat souss


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