As soon as I opened the street style blog Wearabout a couple of years back, I knew that the person behind it had to be a true artist. More than just showing the clothes, each image tells a story. From photographing the homeless in the streets of India, to the backstage of major fashion shows, the photographer Manou never fails to capture unique styles, that mix both the traditional and the modern of Indian fashion.

People from all ages and from extremely different social backgrounds have posed for this artist, which makes his blog such an enchanting and out of the box experience to anyone who gets the chance to go through it. The beautiful imagery that Wearabout offers has gotten it and its author attention from around the world, and allowed him to work with the big names of the industry, as Burberry.

As someone who once lived in India, I find that all those colors and different styles that Manou was able to capture are a true reflection of what India is; colorful, rich, and constantly surprising.

Photos Courtesy of Manou Wearabout

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