I can never wear a pair of red shoes, be it flats or heels without feeling a little bit of The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy in me, and sensing a magical “Click Your Heels” moment. Except maybe when I put on another unique piece, like today’s embroidered item.

Even though it might seem as if I’m wearing a pair of jeans and an ethnic top, it actually is a kaftan (again), that I tucked in my pants, and voilà.

This kaftan-turned-top is actually a very popular item of clothing  in the East region. Mostly worn in the gulf area, and other countries as Turkey and Egypt, this one that I’m wearing today belongs to my mother, who once again got it as a gift that my grandmother got her from the KSA.

Anyways, I believe that wearing this kind of items; i.e kaftans, in these different forms is my way of modernizing them and making them a bit more versatile, thus relevant to different styles.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Kaftan: Uncathegorized – Jeans: Mango – Sandals: Zara – Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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