Some believe (or used to believe) that when you are in flats, you are less chic than when in heels. Well, I beg to differ. And for almost two years now, so does the fashion industry, and street style, when comfort took over the existing trends. I mean just going through fashion and style blogs, anyone can notice that the flat shoe is everywhere.

Maybe not as seductive as a pair of pumps, flat shoes can still be flattering, and complement a chic outfit. From the ballerina flats to the oxfords, these classics (which remind me of Audrey Hepburn) have gained so much variety and versatility, that they became a strong competition to heels. And I’m sure, they are a stylish break to fashionistas’ blistered feet.

Just go through the gallery below, and you will get proof for the chicness of flat shoes.

Featured Image Courtesy of Galant Girl

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