This very traditional silver brooch is a Moroccan accessory staple. Generally used to embellish a simple kaftan belt, I find it to be an original add on to a blazer, or any other clothing item (you can get creative with it).

A Kaftan (also known as Gandoura) is this week’s item that we got from the souk. A very popular piece of clothing in Moroccan markets, the gandoura is known for it simplicity with a hint of sophistication added by the intricate traditional embroideries. Perfect for a warm weather, this light”dress” can be worn both indoors … Continue Reading

For this week’s souk find, I went to an artisanal complex, and stumbled into a quaint jewelry store. The final pick was hard to do, as there were so many unique pieces (I’m still learning to edit). I finally decided on two vintage tribal pieces. Even though they are not a set, both of them are made … Continue Reading

Leatherette clutches of different sizes with a “Khmissa” embroidery on top of them, are the items from the souk that we chose to share this time. The Khmissa is the design of a hand, that in Moroccan culture, is believe to protect people from the evil eye.

Today’s “In the souk” find is a pair of mid-rise boots, made of pure leather, and covered with “kilim” on the sides. The best way to keep your feet warm.