I guess it is already that time of the month… No, wait! I don’t mean THAT time of the month, but I’m rather referring to an actually enjoyable time of the month; shopping trip time. Now, I don’t make it a habit to shop as frequently as I wish I did. But if I could … Continue Reading

Picture this; a stunningly sunny summer day, the beach, a lively swimming pool, and hard to resist goodies to shop for, only two feet away from your beach bed! No, I did not just describe what heaven would look like for me, but an actual event taking place throughout the month of August in beautiful … Continue Reading

I’m extremely excited to share with you my very first proper clothes haul. And not any clothes, vintage ones! Yeay!! Vintage or thrift clothes are very controversial in my culture, they’re actually looked down upon. A concept that I find hard to grasp, since for me they’re all clothes trying to find a home… Better … Continue Reading

I have to say that I’m extremely excited about today’s souk find! In case you have never heard of Morocco’s famous magic lipstick, then you have missed out so much. Often also referred to as henna lipstick due to its long lasting effect, this makeup goodie has been around for as long as I can … Continue Reading

I cannot even remember the last time I have posted anything on “In The Souk”. I really missed it! So, totally determined to make a purchase, not only in order to post it on Kaftan Mag, but also for my own selfish pleasure, I went to the souk in Agadir a few days back. Not surprisingly … Continue Reading

There is nothing like the sweet feeling of satisfaction when you stumble upon a new shopping outlet. Even more, when you find in it unique and beautiful items, just like at Kahenas. An online shopping store that sells unique furniture, art works, and especially clothing items designed by extremely talented Moroccan artists. Innovative, creative, and … Continue Reading

With the richness of the Moroccan culture, and we specifically speak here about textiles and materials used in fashion and even interior design, the accessories; shoes and bags that result from it are just stunning. Many young and new designers have taken to mixing and matching between the traditional aspects of Moroccan craftsmanship and raw materials, … Continue Reading

This leather handmade top handle bag, with colorful stripes is this week’s In The Souk item. Accompanied with a strap, this unique purse is the perfect mix of a trendy accessory with a Moroccan (or ethnic) touch. The geometric lining with green tones is the cherry on top of an already beautiful bag.

Traditionally worn by Amazigh brides, these three scarves from the souk are fairly representative of the Moroccan colorfulness; especially through the red and the green. Usually used to cover the head during traditional celebrations (as a wedding), I find that these scarves can also be incorporated in a modern outfit, either by being worn around the … Continue Reading

Initially a man’s cross body bag (weird, right?), this Moroccan bag, that I personally use as an envelope clutch is this week’s find from the souk. Made of pure leather, this traditional bag is embellished with hand made Moroccan embroidery. And its removable strap has tassels at the end of each side.