Rafia, Zellij, wicker… sounds familiar? The different elements of Moroccan interior design with its rich colours, dynamic contrasts, and its traditional North African patterns, has never been more popular. Our skilled artisans, who generation after generation keep Morocco’s traditions alive, are the backbone of this cultural treasure. And subsequently, the main source for the trendy … Continue Reading

“Cozy” is probably what I most strive for in whatever space that I live in! So as a person who works from home, my personal space has to be the most comfortable ever. And my bedroom is no exception. Thus, with a couple of tricks, I wanted to share with you “my method” of creating … Continue Reading

All of you Moroccan decor lovers gather around, this is a good one! Let me first start by pointing out that this blog post is completely influenced by my personal taste. Just as the rest of the blog, Dah! And there is no book (that I know of) which says that any Moroccan inspired interior … Continue Reading

It would not be an over-statement if I said that interior design is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. It would actually be fair to call it my second passion, right after fashion, of course. The idea of dressing an interior, a home is so hunting to me that whenever I … Continue Reading

A rich carpet, henna, mint tea, and a bohemian style dress; all the right ingredients were tastefully put together by fashion blogger Larisa Costea of The Mysterious Girl in creating the perfect Moroccan atmosphere, in her own home. Titled “Morocco in my home”, the stylish blogger Larisa published recently a post devoted to a Moroccan inspired decor that she has made part … Continue Reading