Here is another boho chic staple that we love, the maxi (or long) cardigan. This now trendy outerwear option is as stylish as it is practical. It is an amazing way to cover what some ladies want to hide, and warm up during the cold weather. In addition, this new take on cardigans is an excellent way to bring a … Continue Reading

Monochrome has been one of the leading trends of the year 2014. Its minimalist and sophisticated esthetic is as much simple as it is tasteful. No wonder style icon Kim Kardashian West, and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney (of the Kardashian clan) adopted the trend, and made it their signature look of the year. With their curvy … Continue Reading

Now that’s a way to make your outfit pop. Leopard print (or any other animal print for that matter) has the ability to add to an outfit more personality. Either in a simple accessory (bag, belt, shoes, or scarf) or in a whole clothing item, this print trend is not as hard to pull off … Continue Reading

I’m going out on a limb here, but I will say that the Mom jeans are probably the most comfortable pair of denim out there. Which is probably the reason they are called “Mom jeans”. With a higher waist, and a wider leg fit, these jeans are a nice break from the popular slim ones … Continue Reading

It’s time to bid farewell to 2014, wondering if the fashion trends that were part of our wardrobes for the last few months, will still be around next year. If it is not in 2015, a few of them are bound to return, I mean who thought overalls could be so popular again, or that Birkenstock … Continue Reading

Your outfit won’t get any cozier than with a poncho. Described by many as a simple blanket wrapped around one’s shoulder, this bohemian style classic has been a hit among this season’s trends. Heavily present in street style, celebrities as well were seduced by this effortless outerwear option. Weirdly enough, this one piece of cloth (cape … Continue Reading

For some, this might seem preposterous, but backpacks are a legitimate handbag choice this season. And I’m not talking about those nylon things that we used to carry (a long time ago) to school, these are as sophisticated as a backpack could get. Made of beautiful materials, and exquisite details, this trend is becoming harder to … Continue Reading

By now, we all got the message; comfort is “In”? And apparently this year, in addition to the sporty chic trend, fashion designers have decided that “the bigger, the better” phrase should be implemented in their creations. As much as almost all the ladies enjoy the fitted clothes that flatter one’s figure, the occasional chunky sweaters and … Continue Reading

The year is approaching its end, and it’s time for a little recap. Let’s start with my favorite; bags. We selected in the gallery below, the most popular It-Bags of this year among both celebrities and social media. Enjoy. I’m sure these beauties will still be popular next year.  

The right combination of; sophistication of a high heel, and comfort of a pair of flats, the kitten heel is the perfect shoe for a woman on the go. Usually avoided by the younger demographic, for a couple of years now fashionistas and street style stars have found a way to style this shoe and make it girly. … Continue Reading