If you happen to look up the meaning of “style” in a dictionary, the first definition you will find is; “a manner of doing something”. Which makes complete sense to me, especially in fashion, where I believe that the “something” referred to in the definition is “trend”. A trend is hardly a constant or frigid concept, every person … Continue Reading

Risking to sound redundant here, but “Told You So”! Babouches are in fact the IT-shoes of the season, so if you don’t have at least a pair yet, get them! Beyond taking inspiration from a Moroccan fashion staple, luxury brand Acne Studios had full on designed, for its Spring Summer 2016 collection authentic Moroccan slippers; a.k.a. … Continue Reading

I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I take Imaan Hamam’s style tips seriously, this girl knows fashion. Recently featured in a Vogue video, supermodel of Moroccan descent Imaan Hammam gives us a few pointers on how to rock a hoodie. And just to warn you, there are some mind boggling style ideas and … Continue Reading

The top fashion and style bloggers have become part of the people that we look up to in terms of what is “In” and what should be “Out”. The spring/summer season is upon us. So, it is only normal to brush up on the accessories trends that are upcoming, or have even started for some. Lighter shoes, … Continue Reading

In addition to being one of the most versatile prints, gingham is a hot trend for Spring Summer 2015. To be differentiated from plaid and any other checkered print, this one in question here is characterised by even squares in white and any other colour (black, blue, and red are the most popular ones). Considered both … Continue Reading

Either with a full on androgynous look, or paired with a more girly outfit, or simply worn with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the manly shoes are “In” this season. Oxfords, moccasins, or boots, just take your pick. However you should keep in mind to always balance your whole outfit, so that is  does … Continue Reading

Have you heard? The army green trend is back. From Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren and many more designers, the Spring Summer 2015 runways saw some beautiful twists on army and military uniforms. The army green color, dominated this trend though. Therefore, in anticipation of spring, let’s have a second look at the army green jacket, … Continue Reading

This one is for you “shorter” ladies, and for the others as well (don’t feel neglected). The pointy shoe, especially the flat one is believed to give the illusion of looking taller, by making your legs look longer (not bad, right?). Back as a strong trend lately, very chic and sophisticated, this accessory has been put … Continue Reading

The bucket bag is one of those nineties trends that came back this year, and got their previous popularity almost instantly. From the casual fringed one, to the fancy structured leather one, this accessory has become a street style must. Thus, if you didn’t find the right one for you, and didn’t join in the … Continue Reading

The yellow Timberland boots, or any other brand with a similar design, have been the toast of street style for the last year, at least. Mainly worn during the cold days of fall and winter, this cozy footwear with a tomboy feel were seen on so many celebrities’ feet lately, including teeny weeny North West. … Continue Reading