The best way to add a little “oomf” to an already fabulous party outfit, is accessorizing. And I’m not talking about the usual jewelry; earrings, bracelets, etc… I’m referring to hair accessories, which happen to be a unique and out-of-the box way to take your look to a whole other level. To help you get … Continue Reading

Soft or edgy, understated or dramatic, there are so many party makeup options out there. Nevertheless, after a hectic and tiring week, when on a friday or saturday evening you are in front of the mirror, you tend to go blank and end up with the obvious smokey eye, or a simple black line with … Continue Reading

Which shape would you like? Is the first question your manicurist asks you whenever you do your nails. If you have noticed, the answer you give comes out spontaneously, without even thinking about it. It might be because you don’t want to risk changing your nail shape, and be stuck with something you don’t like … Continue Reading

Your week starts today (I’m sorry to say), and who knows what it will bring you? But one thing is sure, is that there is going to be a lot of running around, and since you’re only human (I guess), you are bound to forget things to do or pick up. And let’s not forget that … Continue Reading

Get inspired by these beauty looks picks of this week, from every major red carpet. Embed from Getty Images Scarlett Johanson looking rock and roll with her dark and glittered eyes, and pushed back short hair. Embed from Getty Images Taylor Swift resembling a pinup doll in beautiful red lips. Embed from Getty Images Lilly Collins went with a natural beauty … Continue Reading

You read the book, you will soon watch the movie, and in between you get to wear the nail polish inspired by it. Prior to the release of the much awaited movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” in February 2015, the popular nail brand OPI will launch a nail polish collection inspired by the global bestselling book. … Continue Reading

The bob should be named the hairstyle of the year 2014, if it was not already done. It seems that through this whole year, everyday a new celebrity shows up looking chic in this new favorite look. I myself have a soft spot for it and can understand the obsession, since it has been my hairstyle for … Continue Reading

The plain brunette, blond, or redhead is apparently not fun enough for celebrities anymore. The “rainbow hair” has become the edgy girl’s go to color. Purple, pink, green, or blue, no color has been left out. Either the colored full head or just partly (a few streaks), hollywood ladies; from Kate Hudson to Vanessa Hudgens … Continue Reading

Common sense dictates that when traveling, especially when flying, the best beauty tip is, not to put any makeup on. Otherwise, it gets all smushed up, and by the end of the flight (especially a long one) you come out not looking as you did when you went in. But the no makeup option, might not … Continue Reading

Once again, at the photocall to launch the Alexa Edition By Nails Inc collection, the trendsetter Alexa Chung was seen rocking her signature braided pigtails. This hairstyle that (honestly speaking) some of us wear every now and then in the privacy of our own homes, and I don’t mean when our mothers still did our hair. But, … Continue Reading