Wanting to achieve the right makeup look while holding on to your glasses can be tricky, I should know; I’m never without my eyewear. Rest assured though, it can be done. And there is no need to feel that your glasses are some sort of handicap and be complexed by them, consider them as an … Continue Reading

We have gathered below six office, or school appropriate hair tutorials, from the talented hair specialist Tina Lee. To get away from the daily, sometimes boring hair down, or any other generic hairstyles, these hair tutorials result in sophisticated looks, and take only a few minutes. So don’t worry, you can still hit the snooze … Continue Reading

Daily workout is good, we know. But when you barely get the time to (maybe) have a meal, and sleep for a few hours, outside of the time you spend at work, a healthy workout regime takes the boot. Nevertheless, thanks to the many available vlogs (video blogs) made of numerous fun workouts, and that generally … Continue Reading

Winter is a time when our skin suffers from the most problems. And as much as there are creams, and beauty products that can help you take care of your skin, you might want to try something else, something organic. With very simple ingredients that can be found in pharmacies, you can make your own … Continue Reading

You can never go wrong with braided hair. Always adding a certain level of sophistication, in addition to them being a great day look, braids are an even better party hairstyle. With just a few bobby pins, and some arm strength you can achieve an up-do by yourself in a couple of minutes, and still … Continue Reading

When you say Middle Eastern makeup, the first thing that comes to mind is perfectly kohl (black eye pencil) lined eyes. And it is true. In this part of the world, some of the ladies tend to go heavy on the eye makeup to bring out their beauty. And it works, especially if you are … Continue Reading

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/13261911/?claim=6ttnx8m9tew”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> After her boy-short haircut, we thought Tia Mowry could not go any edgier with her hair. We were clearly wrong, The “Sister Sister” actress has been sporting a long braids look for the last few weeks, and we love it. Causing us flashbacks of a younger beautiful Lisa Bonet, this new … Continue Reading

Other than the leading natural skin that has been “The” makeup trend of the previous season, and that will still be around in 2015, designers have mainly been divided between two other impactful trends; the accent lip, and the dramatic eyeliner. Natural look. Embed from Getty Images Alexander Wang. Embed from Getty Images Gucci. Embed … Continue Reading

Double chin, cheeks that are either too full or not enough, eye bags, asymmetrical smile, and many more are some of the small imperfections that we are all (secretly, or not) annoyed with. Unless you want to go the needle and knife route, there is a much simpler “magic” solution; face yoga. For those who are … Continue Reading

I just tried it, and it is so cool. The L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius App, is literally genius. This unprecedented facial mapping technology, allows you to try on this cosmetics giant’s products before buying them, and that from the comfort of your home and by a simple screen swipe. Eddie Malter, makeup artist for the brand summed it … Continue Reading