You could consider it as the best of two worlds; or at least two great hair colours, bronde. As the perfect mix of blonde and brown hair, it happens to be the right option to change your look, without being drastic. And with the current unconventional hair dies that are all the rage (purple, blue, … Continue Reading

Time to pull up the big guns of hairstyles. Either for a 5 star Valentine’s day date, or any other formal occasion as a wedding, a fancy hairstyle is always welcome. And I’m not talking about the usual high bun, or a simple braid. Sophisticated and elegant hairstyles that will make you look as if … Continue Reading

With eyes being the main focus in most makeup looks, and simple hairstyles from bobs to easy buns dominating the beauty looks at the 2015 Grammy awards, the red carpet saw celebrities looking their best with not much. Kim Kardashian’s new haircut, and Katy Perry going back to a colourful hair are some of the beauty highlights … Continue Reading

Thanks to their simplicity and the use of neutral colours, the versatile makeup looks in the gallery below can go with almost all outfit colours and are also appropriate for different circumstances. In addition, with the right products (foundation, mascara,…) they could end up being your daily go-to beauty looks. Check them out. Images Courtesy … Continue Reading

Valentine’s day is only a few days away ladies, and it’s time to get stylishly romantic. Whatever your plans are; an evening out, or just a cozy night at home, a beautiful hairstyle should always be welcome. To get you out of the usual go to hair dos, here are a few romantic hairstyle suggestions … Continue Reading

It is one thing to workout to get fit, and maybe even lose weight. However keeping a toned body is a whole other story, as it needs more discipline and regular exercising. Going to the gym and doing cardio, or other exercises would be ideal for that task, nevertheless one cannot guarantee to have that … Continue Reading

Whenever you need volume in your hair, the best way to go would be curls. You might think that your only option is an iron curler, or a blow dry, however there are a couple of home made tricks that you can try, and that are for the super straight hair, or for someone who just … Continue Reading

This is not one of those myths about ways and tricks to look more beautiful; a good night sleep can actually achieve it, and that through better skin. The author of the book Forget the Facelift said, “Your skin, and your whole body, goes into repair mode when you sleep”. In simpler words and imagery that … Continue Reading

From the Golden Globe Awards, to the Critics choice Awards, and Life Ok Screen Awards, there have been some beautiful red carpet makeup moments last week. Check them out. Embed from Getty Images Marion Cotillard. Embed from Getty Images Priyanka Chopra. Embed from Getty Images Jamie Chung. Embed from Getty Images Sienna Miller. Embed from … Continue Reading

With complicated daily maintenance and styling, the naturally curly hair happens to be a difficult beast to control. Due to its rebellious nature, other than letting it down, any other hairstyle is difficult to achieve, especially for an up-do. Generally demanding a lot of patience, unless you seek the help of a professional, some of the ladies get … Continue Reading