You would think that we are back in the nineties, when everywhere you turned your head, you would see someone with a shirt or sweater around their waist. Either for practicality reasons or simple style statement, we should admit that it didn’t look so bad. Unlike a couple of decades ago, this “accidental” trend is not reserved for a grunge style, with the backwards cap (not so much a fan of that one) anymore. You would be surprised at the range of styles that this trend goes with nowadays.

It’s amazing how adding a shirt around your waist (doesn’t need to always be flannel, we are not REALLY in the nineties, thankfully) to an outfit, any outfit short of a gown maybe, makes it more casual and cooler. I believe it to be a very weekend appropriate attire, especially if you have spent the whole week in suits and other proper clothes.

Take it from the street style gallery below, your options are many and diverse.

Featured Image Courtesy of Your Fashion Moment

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