Either an executive decision at the company you are working for, or it being your own choice, casual friday is fun and a good break from your weekday “stuck-up” looks. Nevertheless, picking the appropriate outfit can be tricky in this situation.

You want it to be casual, because it is for “casual friday” (Da…), but you still want to keep some professionalism in the way you look. One should keep in mind that casual doesn’t mean sloppy. Therefore ripped pants, or old dirty sneakers are out of question here. A pair of denim pants, and a t-shirt, with a blazer on top must be the easiest option. However, there are still some more looks around that should be “casual friday” appropriate.

To sum up, I don’t know how casual you would want to go, but the gallery below has a few safe options.

Featured Image Courtesy of Lady Addict

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