Belting an outfit is a technique that has always been around, for dresses, shirts, and even kaftans. And it has been so popular, that belts are being sold as part of certain clothing items. That popularity is due to the fact that this technique is one of the best ways to accentuate one’s waist, and flatter any body in an outfit. Especially whenever you want to take a break from the oversized and baggy looks, every now and then.

Nevertheless, this year a new belt related trend has emerged, which is belting coats, blazers, and capes (yes, you heard right). And I don’t talk about trench coats or any other outwear that has a belt that comes with, I mean incorporating an other belt. Often, even ignoring the buttons that already exist on a piece of clothing, the ladies in street style favor the belt. And one cannot blame them, it really changes the whole look, and you end up with one outfit that you can wear in two different ways.

Check it out in the gallery below.

Featured Image Courtesy of Sarah Nait

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