Either stuck in your city because you have to work, or going on a ski trip because you are lucky; there is no escaping some extreme weather at this time of year (for some of you at least). Snow, rain, or just plain cold have the neck to make a person in a not so cheery mood. Especially in the morning at the moment you open your window and assess the damage, then proceed to freeze in front of your closet for some time.

However, rather than complaining about the situation (I personally don’t, I actually like that weather), embrace it and enjoy its best and fun side; really cute clothes. Fur coats, rain boots, and even parkas are the remedy here. And we don’t really get to wear them that often (especially here in Morocco), still they can make for some really cute looks.

I say, you can face any kind of extreme weather with the right outfit, which can even cheer you up.

Check out the gallery below, you will instantly feel warmer and inspired.

Featured Image Courtesy of My Fantabulous World

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